Most of my clients usually start with this first question, “How much does it cost to photograph…?”

Honestly, it’s not an easy question to answer straight away because photography don’t have a fixed price.  The price of photography depends on many factors. Here is a list of questions that I usually ask to calculate an estimate price:


1. What would you like me to photograph? – (Product, event, property, food…etc.)

2. When would you like me to photograph? – (Prices for early morning and over-night are usually double. Sometimes this is necessary, for example, when shooting a public area where I can only photograph when it’s closed and no one is walking around.)

3. Where would you like me to photograph? – (This is to determine how far I need to travel, so travelling costs can be calculated. I am available to travel internationally.)

4. How many images would you like? (The more images you like, the more economy of scale.)

5. How much time will the project takes? (I will usually work out an estimate amount of time required for the project according to your requirements. Rates can be charged per hour, per half day, per day, per week, per month and per year.)

6. What do you use the images for? (Is it for one time use (e.g newsletter, web-site…etc) or repeated use (e.g Flyers, products…etc). In which case, a royalty fee may apply.)

7. What image quality do you need? (Bigger size images require higher quality. High quality images require more time to prepare and photograph. (e.g. A standard size hotel room usually takes around 3 hours to photograph.)

8. How much photo-editing would you like? (Post-production work requires a lot of time for detailing. However, the result will look much better. Editing work can be fixing stains, removing creases, repairing imperfections, adding or taking out items in the image…etc.)

9. What is the purpose of your image? (Selling a product? Selling a dream? Marketing?…etc.)


Sometimes the easiest way to start is to tell me your budget and your requirements. I will then let you know what I can offer for your budget…:)